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Having a high or uneven gum line, commonly referred to as a gummy smile, can make some patients feel self-conscious. Gum contouring is a procedure that improves the look of a gummy smile and, in conjunction with other cosmetic enhancements, can be the start of a full smile makeover.

What is a full Smile Makeover?

Depending on your needs, a full smile makeover consists of two or more procedures that fit into a treatment plan to significantly enhance the look of your smile.

If you want to correct a gummy smile and other cosmetic dental flaws, treatments that might be added to gum contouring in a full smile makeover include:

Teeth Whitening

Dental Veneers

Crowns & Bridges

What Comes First?

The first step in achieving a more pleasing smile when you have excess or uneven gum tissue is the careful removal of gum tissue that covers too much of tooth enamel, to create a balanced aesthetic.  

Having any cosmetic dental work starts with a healthy smile. When opting for gum contouring as part of a full smile makeover, your periodontist will assess the health of your gums and treat and existing gum disease whether mild or advanced.

What to Look for when choosing a Periodontist for Gum Contouring

Dentistry and Periodontics have come a long way and you now have the option to choose a periodontist who incorporates laser technology in their practice and has the experience to utilize this technique. Laser gum surgery is less invasive than traditional surgery. Not only does laser gum surgery provide a more comfortable experience, it is more precise and entails little if any down time.

A periodontist who provides laser treatment can also use this technique to treat any pre-existing gum disease.

Put yourself in our Good Hands

If you are in need of laser gum surgery in Highland or Valparaiso, The Periodontal Group provides complete periodontal care including gum contouring.

If you want to correct a gummy smile or need to make a referral, call us today.

Periodontists and Dental Implants

Over the years, dental implants have become one of the most popular methods for replacing missing and severely damaged teeth. Boasting an especially high success rate of over 95% in most cases, this innovative restoration offers long-lasting solutions that blend in seamlessly with patients’ overall smiles, making them the ideal option for individuals looking for natural, permanent teeth replacement. 

Is Crown Lengthening Right for your Smile?

Do you have teeth that seem too short, or does it seem like you have a “gummy” smile? For people dealing with gums that extend too far down the crown of their teeth, making it difficult to achieve an aesthetic smile with traditional cosmetic treatments like teeth whitening or orthodontics. For these individuals, crown lengthening might be a better alternative to improving dental aesthetics without invasive surgery. 

Scaling and Root Planing

Deep cleaning, otherwise known as scaling and root planing, is necessary for patients suffering from gingivitis, periodontitis, or advanced periodontitis. Patients experiencing the development of pockets between gums and teeth need scaling and root therapy services in order to treat advanced cases of gum disease, and to prevent further damage the patient’s health.

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