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Dental Implants in Highland & Valparaiso

At The Periodontal Group, comprehensive implant dentistry is one of the many ways we help our patients maintain lasting, beautiful dentitions. From your initial consultation through coordinating the placement of your final restoration with your general dentist, Highland periodontist Dr. Gene Ranieri and Dr. Basel Hajjar are committed to providing highly successful, comprehensive implant solutions for patients.


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The Long-Term Advantages of Implant Dentistry

Much of the success of dental implants is driven by the surgical placement of dental implants. Dental implants are designed to mimic natural teeth as closely as possible. While traditional restorations like bridges and dentures sit above the gum line, implants are surgically placed into the jaw bone. Over the course of recovery, the implant and bone fuse together, creating a strong foundation for the future restoration. This provides patients with a number of benefits, including:

- Improved bone health
- Facial structure preservation
- Lowered risk of tooth loss
- Preserved bite and oral function

Consider a Periodontist for Dental Implants

Periodontists are uniquely qualified for providing comprehensive implant treatment plans. Unlike other dental professionals, periodontists are specifically trained to evaluate the aesthetic needs of the gums as well as teeth. By including gum treatment into the larger implant treatment plan, periodontists are able to provide patients with a more predictable, aesthetic outcome.  

Receiving Dental Implants 

At our state-of-the-art practice, our periodontists utilized advanced dental technology to determine the health, functional, and aesthetic needs of each dental implant candidate. Using cone beam imaging, we create a three-dimensional model of your smile, which allows us to determine the needs of each different parts of your dentition including the gum tissue and jaw bone. Once we’ve created your personalized treatment strategy, these models are used to demonstrate each step of the treatment plan to patients, ensuring candidates are fully informed prior to undergoing care.
After the implant has been surgically placed, our periodontists monitor implant integration as well as the health of the soft tissue during recovery.

Using tray delivery devices for gingival antibiotics as well as PerioProtect medication, Dr. Ranieri, Dr. Hajjar, and his team are able to help limit the risk of implant failure and the onset of peri-implantitis. Our dental team will also coordinate follow-up care and restoration attachment with your general dentist, ensuring consistency in care through every step of the dental implant process. 

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Dental implants offer a permanent, versatile alternative for individuals looking to replace missing or severely damaged teeth without compromising the long-term health of their smile. From single tooth restoration to entire arch replacement, the unique design of dental implants ensures that each patients’ aesthetic, health, and functional needs are met. 

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