COVID-19 Coronavirus UPDATE

Dear Patients,

We genuinely hope this letter finds you and your loved ones well. 

As we move through this unprecedented time in our lives, we all will be experiencing changes in our everyday routines.  One of those changes is the trip to the dental office.  We have composed this letter to help you better understand and embrace this new reality.

Since the shutdown began, our doctors have worked tirelessly through education to ensure the safety of our patients, staff and communities. Our goal is to exceed the infection control requirements of the American Dental Association (ADA) and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In order to achieve that goal, our office remained closed to non-essential procedures as we trained, obtained additional Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), and made necessary changes to the office.

We wanted to make you aware of the changes you will be seeing and experiencing.  These changes include the following:       

            The use of hand sanitizer in the office

            Social distancing for patients and staff outside of operatories

            All staff will wear face masks

            All patients will wear face masks outside of operatories

           Performing a 1-minute swish with provided antimicrobial mouthwash prior to procedure

 Multiple hospital grade air purifiers have been installed to give you surgically clean air.  This removes particles including Odors, Gases, Mold, Allergens, and VIRUSES. You will breath clean, pure re-energized air. It does not just filter viruses, but destroys them. Our proprietary HEP-RX Filters meet or exceed the guidelines for general surgery applications.

We have extended the time between appointments to aid in social distancing.  We understand the need for familial support, but ask that you do not bring relatives or friends to your appointment.

We hope that you understand that these necessary changes are because we care for you, our staff and our communities. We are, actually and truly, saddened that we must ask these things of you.  We hope as we move forward, these changes will become familiar. And, we hope, as this pandemic subsides and dissipates, the ADA and CDC will lessen some of these requirements.

We have missed you and thank you for your trust in our office.  Please, call if you have any questions regarding these changes. We look forward to seeing and treating you once again.


The Periodontal Group

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